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14 Jul 2022
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Jackson Hole Travel Tips

Visiting Jackson Hole is an amazing adventure. There is so much to explore in the area, and the more active and outdoor-loving members of your family will never be bored, or without a new experience to try. For those in the family that prefer to relax on vacation, they will feel right at home in beautiful Jackson Hole as well. No matter what you crave, you will easily find it here.

If you are vacationing to Jackson Hole, you might have looked at hotels or cabins. There are also private residences — both home and cabins — available for rent, and spacious condos. Jackson Hole vacation rentals offer many great advantages over a hotel room, and many vacationers are choosing the comfort and convenience of a condo or private residence instead of hotels.

5 Reasons To Book A Jackson Hole Vacation Rental Over A Hotel

Stretch out! Vacation rentals are much more spacious than hotel rooms.

Our condos are typically one to three bedrooms, and our homes are up to six - not to mention larger living areas, outdoor spaces and even game rooms!  Everyone in your family or group will have a space to call their own. 

Vacation rentals have private kitchens.

With a vacation rental, waking up to fresh coffee & homemade breakfasts are certainly possible, as are the afternoon aprés and homecooked dinner. There is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy cooking together, and the whole family will enjoy having easily accessible snacks and even late night popcorn. You can also bring all the specialty foods that allergenic family members might need. If you rent multiple nearby cabins with friends & family, you can even choose to dine in a different vacation rental each night!

You have amentities to yourself with a vacation rental.

Many vacation rentals offer private hot tubs or semi-private swimming pools. When you’ve just spent the day outside hiking, biking, or shopping, then a relaxing dip in a private pool or hot tub is the perfect way to unwind. You can use this feature any time of day or night, and you never have to worry about restrictive pool hours, crowds, or long walks to the community pool. You might have a fireplace in your condo to keep you warm in the cooler Jackson Hole evenings, or during a winter retreat. Condos even offer the added convenience of a comfy sofa and television to enjoy your favorite movie or TV show.

Vacation rentals are more private than hotels.

Unlike rooms at a resort condo or hotel, you have the entire place to yourselves. When you rent multiple, unconnected rooms, you don’t have any common areas to share. In a cabin, however, people can gather to enjoy each other’s company, indoors around the fire or out on porches, depending on the weather.

Vacation rentals feel like home.

You are much more likely to find yourselves relaxing at a vacation rental than at a hotel. You will want to enjoy the space — and the company of your family —  instead of feeling like you need to get “out” and away from the hotel.

Renting a condo in Jackson Hole is just like being at home, but without the stress and maintenance of homeownership. You can simply relax and enjoy your vacation. Why spend your vacation fund on one hotel room, when you can have an entire condo to enjoy? Please contact us today to learn more about renting a spacious condo in lovely Jackson Hole.