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Rendezvous Mountain Rentals & Property Management opened its doors for business in October of 1997. For the last 25 years we’ve operated with two primary goals in mind: provide each guest with an unbeatable rental experience and maximize rental income for property owners. We credit our success to maintaining a clear focus on providing prompt and professional service with great results. 

We manage over 140 individual properties in the Jackson Hole Valley, providing a wide range of services to best fit homeowner needs.  As a full-service property management company, our team of over 50 passionate professionals, provides their expertise in guest services, reservation and revenue management, sales and marketing, housekeeping, maintenance, and more. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to both homeowners and guests.  

Rendezvous Mountain Rentals has expert insight into the Jackson Hole rental market. We have properties in both the short and long term zoning and carefully analyze trends to maximize revenue based on market conditions. Whether you are considering investing in a vacation rental or already own a property in the area, our team would be happy to understand your needs and expectations and consult with you on potential rental income or caretaking opportunities. 

Property Management Services: 

  • Hassle Free Ownership: When you partner with Rendezvous Mountain Rentals we do the heavy lifting for you. RMR covers all aspects of the rental process from marketing to maintenance and works closely with owners to customize our services to make the process of renting your property as easy and seamless as possible. 
  • Central Location: Our office is located in Wilson, across from The Aspens. For the large majority of our properties this ensures prompt response times from our housekeeping and maintenance staff.   
  • Experienced On-Site Staff. RMR employs over 50 staff members. This includes a skilled, full-time maintenance and housekeeping staff. Most of our employees have been with RMR for over a decade and collectively our team has an unmatched level of experience when it comes to property management in Jackson Hole. 
  • Dedicated On-Site Owner/General Manager. RMR is owner-operated, providing easy access for property owners who may have questions and/or concerns regarding their property.  
  • 24/7 Availability of Staff for Guests and Owners. Our offices are open 7 days a week. We also have staff available for after hour support to manage all guest and property owner needs.
  • Platinum Members of JH Air Airline Guarantee Program. RMR invested in JH Air to not only support guaranteed, uninterrupted flights in and out of Jackson Hole, but to allow RMR to sell discounted lift tickets and golf. 

Property owners participating in our rental program appreciate our attention to detail when it comes to managing their property. We provide the following services:


Rendezvous Mountain Rentals provides monthly owner statements, with options for direct deposit. We know it can be hard to pay bills from out of town, so we offer bill-pay services to cable, to make ownership hassle-free.


If you would prefer not to rent our your home, we have you covered. We will keep an eye on your property while you are away doing frequent walkthroughs to give you peace of mind. Our housekeeping and maintenance teams provide additional services when you need them. 

Guest Services

Our entire guest service and reservation team is based out of our office in Wilson. You can be sure that they know your property intimately and can guide guests to the perfect unit to fit their needs. They are always happy to share their knowledge of the local area and go above and beyond to exceed owner and guest expectations.

Rendezvous Mountain Rentals also participates in the JH Airline guarantee program, which allows us to sell discounted lift tickets to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to our guests.

Maintenance & Housekeeping

Rendezvous Mountain Rentals has a full-time maintenance and housekeeping staff providing 24/7 support to our properties. In addition, we have long-established relationships with local vendors, such as Option One Plumbing and JH Appliance, so every emergency situation is covered immediately.

Between rentals, our housekeeping staff covers every element of cleaning the property and coordinates linen rentals. Due to the size of our housekeeping staff, we can also provide daily maid services upon request.


Marketing is critical for Rendezvous Mountain Rentals to reach new clients as well as engage with and inform former guests. It is one of the most important ways we communicate with our guests and entice future business. We understand that an online presence is imperative in the digital world we live in, and because of this, we launched a new website in October 2017. The new site, which integrates with our internal property management system, is fully optimized to provide a top-of-the-line user experience to our guests. The website ranks competitively in search results, meaning that people looking for vacation rentals in Jackson Hole find our properties first.

While we encourage guests to book directly through our site for the best experience, we also list all of our properties on online travel agency websites (such as Airbnb), as well as some local Jackson Hole travel sites. Listing the properties on multiple websites maximizes your property’s visibility and, therefore, rental income.

We advertise our properties and specials through email marketing, social media, and blogging. Connecting with guests online helps us provide comprehensive and convenient support that they can access in their own way on their own time. This has shown to be an extremely effective form of communication with the benefits far outweighing the costs. Leveraging social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) allows us to increase our online reach. Our blog, which is consistently updated, drives a considerable number of potential guests to our website. As we grow these marketing programs, we learn more about our visitors and use this information to further improve guest experience.

We welcome both existing and prospective homeowners to stop in and chat with one of our property managers about your vacation rental management needs.
You may also contact Jennifer Kilgrow directly with any questions or to learn more about our services at 888.739.2565 or via email at: