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24 Sep 2019
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Jackson Hole Activities

The days are starting to get shorter and the air is crisp with cooler temperatures. Come to Jackson Hole and you’ll be surrounded by nature’s beauty. Here are a few tips to enjoy the changing season!


The elk take center stage from September to mid-October. It’s elk rut season and you don’t want to miss the beauty of migrating herds and the sound of the bugle echoing off the mountainside. Heading into Grand Teton National Park will provide the best chance to see elk close to Jackson. Drive just 20 minutes north of Jackson to Moose, WY and then along the Moose-Wilson Road. Elk can usually be seen in the meadows along the road. You’ll get some great pictures, but be sure to keep a safe distance from the elk. 

Fall Colors

The mountainsides are popping with the bright yellow of the aspen and the riverbanks and lake areas are an array of golds, oranges and reds from a variety of trees and bushes. Fall foliage in Jackson Hole is spectacular and you’ll be sure to get that award-worthy photo. Head out to any of the area waterways such as Jenny Lake or along the Snake River for the perfect reflection shot.


There is one important thing about visiting Jackson Hole in the fall. You never know what the weather might bring, so be prepared for anything! The weather can vary widely throughout the day. It may be 40s in the morning, up to 70s in the afternoon and then snow squalls followed by sunshine. It’s best to dress in layers and maybe bring a backpack to put the extra layers in for later. You can easily check the downtown webcam or mountain top webcam for real-time weather conditions.


Whether you enjoy seeing fall foliage and wildlife by car, bike or even while hiking, Jackson Hole will quickly become your favorite place to visit during the fall.