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11 Feb 2015
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Jackson Hole Travel Tips

Fueled by the recession and embraced by cost-conscious, web-savvy travelers, short-term vacation rentals have been booming. But so has controversy, as neighbors complain about the negative impact of transients, and the hotel/lodging industry say inconsistent local laws put them at a competitive disadvantage. This leaves owners and guests alike to ask: "Is my vacation rental legal?"

Homeowners have many options when it comes to advertising and renting their property as a vacation rental. Many turn to popular websites such as HomeAway and VRBO. These sites offer easy marketing solutions to the homeowner willing to manage the challenges inherent in a short-term vacation rental transaction. 

A short-term vacation rental is defined as a residential property that is rented to a visitor for less than 30 days. Many cities in the U.S. and across the world have begun to regulate or ban the trend towards short term vacation rentals. Citing incompatibility with residential neighbors, and lost sales tax revenue, many vacation destinations are tightening up zoning rules to limit rentals to 30 days or more. The challenge for cities now has become how to balance policing illegal rentals effectively, while protecting the positive economic impact vacation renters bring to a resort area.

Granite Ridge Cabin in Teton Village

In Jackson Hole, the planning commission has recently taken a tough stance on properties being rented short term that are not in approved areas. Homeowners renting illegally now face serious daily fines for renting on a short term basis. Renters also face the possibility of not having a property available to them after paying for their stay in advance.

The best solution for all involved is to hire a local property management company to handle all the issues related to a short term vacation rental. Industry experience and knowledge of the area are just two of many reasons to use a professional management company.

Rendezvous Mountain Rentals is the Jackson Hole’s oldest vacation rental/property management company, and represents legitimate short term vacation rentals in both Teton Village and The Aspens. Whether you’re an owner or a guest, your best bet is to partner with a professional management company for your short-term vacation rental needs.