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13 Mar 2018
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Jackson Hole Activities

At 1,078 miles, the Snake River is the longest North American river that empties into the Pacific Ocean — and it all starts with the confluence of three streams in Wyoming. From here, it winds through Idaho, Oregon, and Washington before entering the Columbia. It's lush, grand, and pristine. And you can enjoy your own lovely slice of it when you vacation at Jackson Hole.

Fantastic Fishing

Fishing the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park is sure to be one of the crowning moments in any fisherman's life. Known for it's incredible trout fishing, the park is also one of the few places to catch the elusive Fine Spotted Cutthroat Trout. And because Grand Teton National Park is an easy trip from your vacation rental in the charming town of Jackson Hole, young and old alike can have the fishing adventure they're dreamed of here on renowned Snake River.

Scenic Floats

Nothing's more thrilling than soaking up the Wyoming sun, crashing through whitewater rapids, or setting sights on local wildlife while on a float trip down the majestic Snake River in Jackson Hole.

Rafting beneath the Teton mountain range. 

The serene waters and breathtaking terrain make for a stunning backdrop to this summer vacation adventure — one that your family is sure to love and remember for years to come. Learn more about whitewater rafting in Jackson Hole. 

Stunning Shoreline

To enjoy the beauty of the Snake River while staying on dry land, try taking a leisurely stroll or rejuvenating run on the levy by Wilson bridge. This flat, well-groomed trail is quite popular among locals, allowing you to meander along the Snake River's eastern shore for 4.2 miles while waving hello to others who are doing the same. You'll enjoy stunning views of the Tetons, and you might even spot a bald eagle nest along the way!