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15 Nov 2013
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Jackson Hole Travel Tips

Every year, many aspiring shutterbugs visit Yellowstone National Park in the hopes of photographing its iconic hot springs and geysers. Unfortunately, not all visitors take the time needed to prepare for the photoshoot. So, we put together our best trips for photography the park's sites.

Start preparing for your Jackson Hole vacation and trip to Yellowstone by becoming intimately familiar with your camera. It is important to do this because the hot springs and geysers of Yellostone pose certain challenges that must be overcome in order to get the best shots. Take the area’s white mineral deposits, snow and clouds as an example. These elements are notorious for making it difficult to accurately determine the correct exposure. So you’ll most likely want to use your camera’s histogram and other features to perfect your shot.

Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park.

Next, make sure that your camera bag includes protective filters, lens cleaning cloths, microfiber towels and a rain sleeve. Otherwise, your camera’s optics and exterior may end up damaged by the site’s inherent acid water, steam and silica. Lens hoods, polarizer filters, various lenses, spare camera cards and extra batteries may also come in handy.

Keep in mind that the park does get exceptionally cold starting in the fall. We recommend using insulated camera bags, sealable plastic bags, chemical warmers and flexible winter gloves. After all, they will help to keep your camera equipment functioning properly and condensation free.

When you arrive at our your Jackson Hole vacation rental, take a second to verify the park’s schedule and inquire about photo safaris. Photo safaris often include a knowledge guide that can offer additional tips.

If you decide not to take the safari, we suggest that you remember one simple thing: Do not set up your camera downwind of the hot springs and geysers. Failure to do so may leave you damp and with less than ideal photographs for your personal collection.

For more tips on enjoying the park and our vacation rentals in Jackson Hole, please contact us. Our phone numbers are (888) 739-2565 and (307) 739-9050.