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10 Mar 2020
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Did you know that there are more than 900 miles of hiking trails in Yellowstone National Park? These trails can take you everywhere you want to be - along the top of the Tetons or on the boardwalks by bubbling hot springs! To enjoy your trip, we have a few tips to prepare for your hike.


Stop at a Visitor Center First

There are 10 Visitor Centers and Ranger Stations throughout Yellowstone National Park. It’s best to have the most up-to-date information on the hiking trails and Park staff are here to help. Learn about trail conditions, stream and river crossings, and wildlife sightings before your trip so you can plan accordingly. If you plan to hike and backpack overnight in the backcountry, you can also obtain a permit.


It’s Bear Country - Be Prepared

While the beauty of the wilderness calls you to come and explore, it’s important to know that Yellowstone is bear country. Being aware and being prepared is important. You should always have bear spray with you and know how to use it. Park Rangers will be happy to share their knowledge so that you can enjoy your hike.


Dress Properly

Yellowstone National Park is at 8,000 ft. Temperatures can fluctuate widely throughout the day. It’s not uncommon to have a beautiful morning followed by rain showers or lightning storms in the afternoon. Pay attention to the weather forecast. Depending on how far you plan to hike, you can easily get up early, enjoy a long hike and be back to your car before the storms roll in. The best way to be ready for any weather is to dress in layers. It’s easier to put a couple of light layers in your bag if it gets too warm and still have it handy if the wind picks up. 


Pack What You Need

Even if you drive to the trailhead and don’t expect to be out long, it’s important to take the basics; water, food, cell phone, identification, sunscreen and rain gear. There will be lots of wildlife to see in Yellowstone so take your binoculars and view from a safe distance. 


With some preparation, you’ll enjoy a great hike in Yellowstone National Park. Check this list for more tips.