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8 Aug 2013
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Jackson Hole Activities

Are you enamored by tales of the Old West? Do you secretly harbor the urge to wear spurs to the office or eat Dutch oven baked beans for supper? If so, you may want to consider planning a vacation in Jackson Hole. There are so many wonderful spots in Jackson Hole that will truly put you in an Old West state of mind. Here’s a peek.

Although Jackson Hole looks a bit different than it did the day Sylvester Wilson trekked over Teton Pass, at least one enduring vestige of those bygone days remains. Yes, we are talking about the renowned Jackson Hole Rodeo. It will give you a chance to try out those spurs you’ve been fancying. The rodeo traditionally runs each year from May through August. Tickets are best bought in advance, online.

While your spurs are still in place, consider signing up for a trail ride, doing a little shopping or arranging for a chuckwagon dinner. There are several businesses in the area that would be more than happy to satisfy your hankering for classic American fare, horseback rides and western wear.

Afterwards, settle into a Teton Village condos, townhomes or cabins. Some of them feature delightful river rock fireplaces, private hot tubs and inspiring mountain views. Of course before you retire for the night, you should consider watching a classic cowboy flick or two. George Steven’s Shane, John Wayne’s The Big Trail and Howard Hawk’s The Big Sky would all make excellent picks considering that they were filmed in the area.

That brings us to another reason to vacation in Jackson Hole, Grand Teton National Park. It is home to more than 300 historic buildings including the Cunningham Cabin and the Lamar Buffalo Ranch. It also happens to be where Shane and other western movies were filmed. Other activities on offer at the park include fishing and hiking.

Would you like more vacation Jackson Hole tips, including great deals on lodging? Contact Rendezvous Mountain Rentals. We can help you plan your next Old West-inspired vacation.