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15 Apr 2023
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Jackson Hole Activities

One look at the awe-inspiring Teton Mountain Range and you'll be reaching for your camera. The immense beauty and unbelievable size of this jagged  range has been captured in some of the most iconic photographs. In addition to its beauty, Grand Teton National Park offers some of the best hiking, biking, boating, paddling and picnicing in Jackson Hole. Of course, there are a few spots that offer unparalelled views and thus the perfect photo opportunity. Here are our picks for the top 4 spots for the best photos of the Tetons.

4 Most Iconic Spots To Photograph The Tetons

Snake River Overlook

This location is a symbolic icon of Grand Teton National Park, and you can thank Ansel Adams for pioneering this vantage point of the Snake River. From this panoramic locale you can capture sunrises that illuminate the mountain faces, or stay for sunset and prepare for mind blowing colors against the range. No matter what season you visit, this spots offers photos worthy of wall space! Get Directions

Schwabacher's Landing

This area provides a great contrasting view of Grand Teton. The reflection on the Snake River provides a different perspective, and by walking the river roughly a half-mile you'll happen upon an endless number of photo-worthy spots. Pack in your breakfast/lunch/dinner (depending on the time you'll be there), and enjoy a beautiful setting on the river. Keep your eye out for wildlife signtings as well. Get Directions

Mormon Row & The Moulton Barns

Likely the most photographed barns in the world, the Moulton Barns located in Antelope Flats provide a stunning foreground agains the Tetons. Part of the Mormon Row settlement, the T.A. Moulton Barn is location toward the south of a row of structures, while the John Moulton Barn is at the north end. Both are equally as iconic! Get Directions

Oxbow Bend

Another great spot for "reflection", Oxbow Bend offers a unique view of Mount Moran. Get there early in the morning and enjoy glassy water and a better chance at a nice reflection before the wind picks up. Park long the road and walk along the river bank until you find your perfect frame. Get Directions

No matter what time of year you visit Jackson Hole, these iconic spots will deliver an unforgettable shot. Autumn brings vibrant hues of the changing trees, summer offers stunning wildflowers, and winter brings a blanket of white to contrast with the dark mountains. One thing is for sure. Don't forget your camera!