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Summer Activities In Jackson Hole

Get a taste of the old west with a covered wagon cookout by Double H Bar Covered Wagon Cookouts and Sleigh Rides!

Double H Bar provides their guests with a true wild west adventure, taking them by covered wagon into Wyoming's wild outdoors. After your beautiful ride in the horse-drawn covered wagons, enjoy lunch or dinner provided by Double H Bar's chefs. Family and friends can sit and listen to nature while enjoying their meal, then head back to town for more family fun.

For those who want a truly authentic experience, book one of Double H Bar's three or four day campouts! Experience what it was like to cross the western land long ago on either horseback or in covered wagons. View Wyoming's beautiful landscape including waterfalls, wild plains, and deep forests all from the comfort of your wagon.

This is truely a one of a kind experience that happens year-round. Be sure to book your reservation early for this one!