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Where can I get current information around COVID 19 cases in Teton County, WY?

Teton County has created a community dashboard, referenced as the COVID Dashboard, that organizes all information around the spread and infection rates within the county.  Please refer to the website below.  This information is updated daily.

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Where can I get current information on restrictions and orders relating to COVID in Teton County?

Teton County has created a community website that allows residents and visitors to access up to date information.  Please refer to the website below.  RMR will also be contacting all guests just prior to their arrival date to ensure they are equipped with all information relating to our community orders that may impact their stay and/or travel plans.

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I am still concerned about going into grocery stores or restaurants.  What are my options in Jackson Hole?

There are many options available to our guests.  The grocery stores have remained open and are adapting to the ever-changing needs of our community.  There are opportunities for pickup and delivery of groceries as well. 

Mountains of Groceries is a service that will provide groceries delivered to your door.

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Dishing Jackson Hole provides information around restaurant delivery options

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When I travel to Jackson Hole, I really want to visit the national parks.  When will these open?

Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park are OPEN.  The following websites will be the best source of up to date information.  Also, if you have not done so already, please join our email list to ensure you are notified. 

Yellowstone Reopening Plan

Grand Teton National Park Information

Yellowstone National Park Information

National Park Coronavirus Information

I am very concerned about the spread of COVID-19 in the properties. What is RMR doing to ensure that properties are clean?

All of the RMR housekeeping staff have been trained in the updated disinfecting and sanitizing procedures as required by CDC.  Our housekeeping department is using  cleaning products that meet the CDC requirements.  Each staff member is required to complete a Cleaning Checklist for each arrival and departure to confirm completion of all expectations.

I do not want to come into the office to check in.  What is RMR doing to prevent the need for guest/staff interactions?  Do your properties offer Keyless Entry?

The team at Rendezvous Mountain Rentals has been working to install keyless entry systems in all of our properties.  This provides guests the opportunity for remote check-in that does not require a visit to our office, limiting interactions with our staff.  For any property that does not offer a keyless entry system at the time of arrival,  guests will be contacted prior to their arrival to coordinate timing for RMR staff to drop off keys at the property.  We would like to limit, if not eliminate, the need for guests to access the RMR offices during the COVID crisis.  Masks will be provided to all guests entering RMR offices and expectations for guests to adhere to social distancing guidelines will be enforced.

What do you recommend as good resources for guests or travelers wanting to learn more about Teton County, WY?

In general, the Chamber of Commerce website, as well as Buckrail and Jackson Hole News and Guide provide great information to residents and visitors alike.  We recommend that you follow these businesses to stay up to date on all of the things happening in Jackson Hole.

Jackson Hole Chamber


Jackson Hole News & Guide 

What is Rendezvous Mountain Rentals doing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus?

While RMR has always taken the proper precautions and employed comprehensive cleaning procedures between each guest stay, we have now developed even more rigorous sanitization and disinfection protocols that align with guidelines laid out by the World Health Organization, CDC, and EPA.  Our highly trained housekeepers utilize a detailed checklist that guides each clean in order to ready properties for guest arrival.  Additionally, each vacation rental undergoes a secondary inspection by a housekeeping inspector to confirm that no detail has been missed.  The RMR housekeeping team is undoubtedly the most highly qualified in the valley, with most of the employees having been with RMR for more than 10 years.  Each RMR housekeeping staff member has received extensive training around updated cleaning protocols and appropriate use of required disinfecting products.  RMR uses products purchased through a commercial laundry facility that are confirmed by the CDC.

I have concerns about arriving just after another guest departs.  What is RMR doing to address this concern?

Guidelines for cleaning that occurs while guests are in property will be forwarded prior to arrival.  Our team will require that guests be out of property while RMR housekeeping staff clean for such services as daily or mid-stay cleans.  Specific information will be provided to guests to ensure that scheduling aligns with their schedule.  

How will I know what is expected of me or happening while I am in Jackson Hole?

The RMR staff has developed a communication plan to guide our messaging to guests prior to, during and after their travel.  Our staff will be communicating expectations to our guests prior to arrival as these will change over time.  It will be expected that all of our guests align to community expectations set forth in these communications (e.g. wear masks at grocery stores).  It is imperative that all residents and visitors align to these expectations and new standards to ensure community safety.  Failure to do may result in further restrictions being placed on our businesses and ability to provide vacation rentals in the area. 

How does RMR handle the laundering of linens?

Our guests can rest assured knowing that our linens and towels are professionally cleaned in a commercial laundry facility that can provide the high water temperature, soaps, and sanitization needed for proper laundering. Residential machines and over-the-counter laundry soaps are not the proper way to care for linens used for commercial guest accommodations.  Our team has also removed all decorative bedding from properties that will not be laundered after each guest departure.  Our housekeeping team has transitioned to a triple-sheeting method for setting beds in each of RMR’s properties, including washable blankets, to ensure the utmost clean and comfort for each of our guests.

Will RMR staff be wearing protective gear (e.g. masks and gloves) when working in our properties?

The staff at RMR are all equipped with gloves and personal protective equipment to wear when working within our properties and while interacting with guests.  All staff will be required to wear masks when interacting with guests.  All guests will be provided masks for use during their stay.  Our company has implemented office strategies that align with local health department recommendations, such as requiring all staff to self-monitor symptoms relating to COVID-19 that includes frequent temperature checks.  All staff at RMR benefit from a robust benefit plan that provides paid sick leave to ensure all staff feel supported to stay home when sick. We believe that all of these precautions, both at the property and office levels, will provide the safest environment as possible for guests to travel with confidence.   

Has RMR updated their Cancellation Policy?

View our most up-to-date policies on our Cancellation Policy page and our Extenuating Circumstances Policy page.